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Our Managers

Ihsanullah Ehsas

Program Manager Kunar Opportunity Center
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Sardar Walli Sarhadi

Program Manager Zabul Opportunity Center
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Nangialay Bawar

Program Manager Kandahar Opportunity Center
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Abdul Ghafoor Durrani

Program Manager Helmand Opportunity Center
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About Us

The Afghan Opportunity Centers were founded in 2017 by Shaukat Zamani, a New Zealand-based Afghan entrepreneur and philanthropist.
The Afghan Opportunity Centers model provides free modern education and vocational training to more than 10,000 male and female students of underprivileged backgrounds in remote, rural Afghan provinces.

The Opportunity Center model is inspired by the vision of its founder that Afghanistan is the common home of all Afghans and only Afghans themselves can create a stable, independent, progressive and prosperous Afghanistan.